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Cinnamon Sun Is Giving Us ‘Goosebumps’ And Chill With New Single Ft. Jimmy Harwood

There’s nothing like lying on your bed at night while lofi hip hop plays in the background. Brisbane-based alt-pop/hip hop act, Cinnamon Sun, haven’t strictly given us lofi music with their new single ‘Goosebumps (Feat. Jimmy Harwood)’. But, they’ve taken the relaxing feeling it gives and spun it in their own warm, chocolatey way.

‘Goosebumps’ is an intricate blend of hip hop and jazz. Grooves and chords thread themselves around each other in ways that deliver just enough punch to keep you hooked, but never aggressively to shatter the atmosphere of chilled out goodness. A drum beat and guitar act as a distinct divider between the track’s synth-filled and keys accentuated soundscape and vocals. While the former will drift you away to scenes of island sunsets or late nights in a reading nook, the latter grounds ‘Goosebumps’ to showcase the realness of the track's lyricism.

"This new single is nothing short of mesmerising with a punchy instrumental foundation- a hip hop groove decorated with jazzy chords and licks, dripping in wavy synths that seem to shift around inside your brain. The captivating vocals of … Harwood and Davy Simony seem to suck you in and consume your attention as they take you on a lyrical journey,” Cinnamon Sun shared.

‘Yeah you know I got goosebumps straight from your presence,’ Harwood raps melodically. In the latter half of the track, Simony delivers with ‘I get goosebumps when I think of you / the truth escapes my mouth like Houdini from the noose yeah?’ There’s an intimacy in each line of the song. Every word is mixed with a straightforwardness that hip hop exemplifies, something that Harwood and Simony understand well as they rap.

Cinnamon Sun and Harwood have done it again. They’ve delivered an irresistibly relaxing track which showcases an authenticity that new and long-time fans of both acts will love. It’s a must listen!

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