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cln's 'Sunbeams' Shines Through A Cloudy Year

Sometimes you just need a ray of sunshine to lighten up your day - or even your year. If that's the case for you right now, then look no further than cln's latest single 'Sunbeams'.

cln is the project of Brisbane's Callan Alexander. He first popped up on our radar in 2014 with his debut EP 'Sideways', showcasing a crafty future bass sound. In the years since he's steadily continued making music, evolving to incorporate elements of R&B and pop, and accumulating millions of streams along the way.

Since releasing his debut album Dawn Chorus towards the end of last year, cln has not pumped the brakes, releasing two more singles before 'Sunbeams' in 2020, with promises of even more new music just across the horizon.

Despite this fairly prolific output in recent years, he reveals that 'Sunbeams' came to him during a period of creative difficulty.

“When I was writing it, I was going through a bit of writers-block," he said. "So I tried to change things up a bit and write a story–not necessarily based on my own experiences but I still wanted to capture a certain emotion. I tried to paint a picture of a memory, and I wanted to capture that bittersweet feeling that you get when you dwell on past experiences."

It's a feeling that's really well conveyed by the hushed vocals and sentimental lyrics. The song "tells the story of a lost friendship and the experience of exploring both the good and bad memories associated with it."

I don’t know where I’m going anymore / You walked out the door / I can see the light / Fading out of sight

Although it starts out as a very slow and moody tune, with cln's processed vocals floating over a steady, minimalistic beat, at the halfway point the beat drops. Buzzing synths emerge as the programmed drums enter double time, the song reaching a climax. It then seemingly fades out before a trap beat plays through the song's outro.

There's a lot going on here sonically. "It’s fun to make songs that evolve," said cln.

They're fun to listen to too. cln is an incredibly talented producer, as he's proved time and time again, and 'Sunbeams' is yet another offering of electronic goodness.

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