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Creo Revive Indie Rock with 'Demon To Love'

Image: Creo | Supplied

The Sydney based indie-rock trio Creo release their latest single ‘Demon to Love’. As the second single for the three piece's EP, which will be on its way to the public's ears in 2021, ‘Demon To Love’ sets the scene for the band's upcoming music, and describes to us the direction the band is moving in sonically - and it’s the best direction possible. Whilst straying a little from previous music such as the ’Afterglow’ EP from way back in 2014, they’re steering their career further into the indie rock genre and firmly placing themselves in a unique position with a clear and concisely considered sound - which works for them.

Creo displays a clear direction and systematic sound that sets them apart from other indie-rock music producers today. They merge genres into a bittersweet mess that bounces around inside your head to reach a stunning guitar filled crescendo

The complimentary music video to their latest release conveys 90s style Super 8 film edits, in a slightly nightmarishly lit set. From slow dancing with a limbless mannequin to shrine style rooms- it has it all.

The video is artfully constructed and choreographed so it feels like you are walking through, following in the footsteps of the singer- as the ending serenades you with a sweet tidbit of advice- ‘F*ck your demons dead/ They’ll kill us all eventually”- which, despite the expletive version, is actually pretty solid and brings a different aspect into the comedic, slightly garish clip. The struggle with self, the struggle with others perceptions of you and them, the struggle of all these aspects is dealt with in an upbeat manner by Creo through the witty and poignant lyricisms.

Demon to Love’ was written off the back of my daily struggle with today’s all too common comparison culture. Towards the end of last year, I found myself constantly focusing what those around me were doing, and comparing myself to them. It's almost unavoidable these days with social media - so I deleted all of it, focused on my wins, and it's made me a much happier person. The song is a celebration of loving all of you, not just the parts that you want people to see. Life is hard enough; why make it harder?”

Beautiful and prolonged guitar riffs bring a depth to the song that jumps into your bones and gives you chills. The layers increase more, and more, until they reach a climax and fade out. This whirlpool of sounds draws you in at the end, and leaves you wanting more. It’s a sing-along reminder to love yourself no matter what ‘demons’ you may have or think you have. No two parts of this song are exactly the same, which is really enjoyable and really brings your attention to the one thing that remains constant - the vocals.

The super distinctive lead vocals are a mix of classic indie vocal pioneer Julia Stone but Violent Soho raw-rock vibes. However, it doesn’t ignore the alternate aspects which compliment it so nicely- like the alluded synths, the heavy hitting to softly smashed percussion, the rolling bass… It’s classic indie-rock in the best way.

I’ve been waiting for the indie-rock resurgence since 2013 and it's finally here in the form of Creo - this song smashed it out of the park.



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