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Crocodylus Reaching New Heights With Latest Single 'Social Climber'

Garage rock trio Crocodylus are continuing to carve out a name for themselves in the Australian music scene, with their latest single ‘Social Climber’ seeing them ascend to new levels of success.

Image via @alexrwall

Having toured regional Australia with Skegss, nationally with The Chats and tri-headlining with A. Swayze & The Ghosts and Voiid, the last few years have seen Crocodylus deliver a chain of fan-favourite contemporary surf and garage rock inspired releases including their third, aptly named EP Enjoy, last year.

Now, the Crocs, have gifted us with their latest single, ‘Social Climber’ an instant sing-a-long, transporting the listener to a fan-filled mosh pit, all of us easily following singer Josh William’s request to “Talk about it / Scream and shout it”.

Opening with a laid-back, hopeful riff, their contemporary surf roots are obvious, further emphasised by the uniquely brash vocals and driving rhythm that steadily raises the intensity.

Halfway through, you may experience a second of disappointment as the song seemingly comes to an end but worry not, the best is yet to come as the instrumental reaches a crescendo and Josh belts out more sink-your-teeth-into lyrics to scream together in unison.

With Crocodylus now frustrated by the social climb, “And I tried so hard” is repeated as the band bring their most dynamic song to its emotional peak, with a subdued head-banging instrumental ultimately signalling the climb's end.

Since forming a high school band in 2015, the concept of social climbing seems to resonate with Crocodylus, who have been working hard to make sure they continue delivering stellar music and performances to their loyal fans.

Definitely one to watch, Crocodylus are currently working on their forthcoming debut album, forecast to be released in 2021, and we know we’re not the only ones chomping at the bit to hear what else Crocodylus has in store.

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