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Deadlights Shine With New Single, ‘Sudden Life / Sudden Death’!

Photo from Rob Carroll

Brisbane post-hardcore band, Deadlights, have been no strangers to our ears within the 2021 music scene. Of course, this is due to the band masterly weaving together what is their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘The Uncanny Valley'. With singles ‘Born of a Lie’ and ‘The King of Nowhere’ already acting as foundationary singles to our perception of this new album, the band is back with ‘Sudden Life / Sudden Death’, proving there's more for us to know about their intricate, upcoming body of work!

Fitting to its title, the single begins with a sudden dive into the very depths of frontman Dylan Davidson's brawny and self-assured vocals, immediately capturing and continuing to hold the attention of the audience with might and will. All of this of course culminates to an intense and defining breakdown- one that is a true testament to the vocal talents of Davidson, and beautifully emphasizes the partnership between vocal and instrumentals. With an undying power that is Davidson’s vocals, guided by an entrancing instrumental performance that powerfully encapsulates the tones of direness, but also confusion, that intertwine with the themes of mortality and time, ‘Sudden Life / Sudden Death’ not only becomes an easy and intriguing listen, but is a single that begins to delve into a story much bigger than itself.

‘Sudden Death / Sudden Life’ is an existential feat that sees the band openly admit their cautions toward the very nature of life; “This is a message from me, something that I need to say to my past self. A temporal soliloquy to a boy who likes to hide away in his own world”. Gut-wrenchingly honest, the song continues to amplify the dangers of consuming a life of stress; stress over the things you cannot control and becoming caught up in the past, becoming a life that unconsciously causes you to obliterate your own youth.

“I wrote ‘Sudden Life / Sudden Death’ on my birthday last year. Having life at such a standstill with COVID during that period made me really think about how much time I've wasted in my life. I wanted to send a message to my past self and tell them to get their act together sooner, because they'll never know what the future holds. You just have to embrace the cards you’ve been dealt in the present. Time is relentless. The clock stops for no one.” Davidson explains.

‘Sudden Life / Sudden Death’ is an all-consuming single; not only musically, but thematically- ensuring every person is compelled to ponder their own status in life, and to look back on the moments that have consumed their experience. Looking forward, ‘Sudden Life / Sudden Death’ provides yet another refreshing and exceptional taste to the upcoming album, ‘The Uncanny Valley’, due out on the 21st of May via Greyscale Records.



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