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Deuce Are Blossoming On Their New Single 'Wildflower'

Photo credit: Bridgette Winten

If the Aussie music scene is a field of flowers, then Deuce are standing out bright and tall. The Melbourne duo create beautifully subtle dream pop that washes over listeners with warmth and comfort. 'Wildflower', their latest release, is the third single from their upcoming self-titled debut album, and perfects that dream pop sound that the duo introduced on the previous singles 'Antipodes' and 'Language of Love'. Fans of Beach House will embrace the sound of this new single, with its washed out guitar strums, soaring organs, and the heavenly vocals of Kayleigh Heydon backed up by Curtis Wakeling's harmonies. The church organ "makes the song feel big and open", tells Heydon, while the soft acoustic guitar and simple melodies "keep the song spacious". “While other songs on the new record were quite ad-lib and without structure, we wanted to try a different approach with ‘Wildflower', Heydon explains. "Curtis would play random chords on the DX7, and I’d stop him when something was sounding nice. We’d make notes and then try different combinations." The song is also paired with a homemade black and white music video which was directed, shot and edited by Heydon.

“We borrowed our friend's camera and just did what we could in a day or two. Kayleigh chopped it together and made it black and white to add a little drama,” Wakeling says. As one of the central tracks on their upcoming debut, 'Wildflower' gives us a great taste of what's to come when Deuce drops on 16 June. The duo will also be hitting the road in support of the album, playing a handful of shows in in Victoria, as well as Canberra and Wollongong in July and August.


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