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Didirri Offers Up His Sage Old Soul In 'Sold For Sale'

Photography: Gil Gilmour

Melbourne troubadour Didirri was already regarded as one of Australia’s finest musical exports after his debut EP Measurements was met with widespread acclaim in 2018. In releasing this immensely anticipated sophomore EP Sold for Sale, he's solidified the title once and for all.

Known for his unerringly sweet and charismatic persona, Didirri has a certain knack for winding candid stories into authentic indie ballads. Though the EP is clearly a chronicle of Didirri’s own despondency, he writes with the generous reach that worms its way into the recesses of your psyche to pluck out the exact niggling thoughts you avoid, fleshing them out so you can examine them together. Didirri has kindly offered the best listening practice for his album:

Didirri’s guide to listening: “Take a brisk walk in the sunshine for the first 4 tracks, then listen to the next two in your room as your heart rate goes down, and then finally, close your eyes, and lie down for the closing track and let it wash over you.”

Introducing us to the album is the titular single ‘Sold for Sale’, wherein Didirri performs an exercise in perseverance and patience, reckoning with the idea that his lot is accounted for. Analogue instrumentals spike against the low bass of Didirri's voice, amounting in a soulful song that laps rhythmically against your ear drums.

'The Critic' is a rather self damning anthem, detailing the cowardice and over zealous criticism of someone who hovers over a relationship to judge and can’t let the beautiful things just be without analysing. Layered with gritty trembling percussion that bounces into a marching beat, the track tumbles into an energetic chorus where we witness a parade of animal metaphors and can happily groove alongside them.

A rousing track for feeling the exact opposite, 'Loose Belt Drive' centres around the drawn sense of being absolutely worn out and a bit disenfranchised with some things; namely in the gargantuan realms of religion and the music industry. As the eponymous part itself is designed to be replaced, Didirri sings wearily of his hope to get better against a thumping heartbeat drum and smooth whine of string instruments. For a song that details the moments before lapsing into a depressive episode, 'Blue Mood Rising' is ironically one of the most upbeat and rocky on the EP. The leading single from 2019 is a retrospective look at his career and why he is doing what he's doing: ”not for you” is the answer.

'Raw Stuff' is a delicate ballad wherein the clarity of Didirri's rich voice is spotlighted. This is no gently simmering feeling under carefully crafted cryptic words, but a detailing of the very messy emotions of life boiling over; a heart that's been cracked open with a prod of life's acerbic barb. This was the song Didirri chose to perform in audition for Eurovision: Australia decides . 'Don't fight with what you're fighting for', a galvanising lullaby to stick to your guns and power through accompanied with a swelling orchestral chorus that floats comforting around your shoulders.

Written back in his busking days, 'Strange' is a rumination on the disparity of sadness as a source of lyrical inspiration versus happiness; a deep, hollow well to a shallow puddle. Set against a jazzy backdrop that calls back his classical training, Didirri's dulcet tones hauntingly question the changes that life brings about.

Composed in the shadow of razing fires and recorded in isolation, Sold for Sale seeps the whole confusing range of emotions felt this year. It was a collaboratively global endeavour, recorded in segments between Sunset Studios in LA, rural idyllic Victoria town of Johanna and Didirri’s Brunswick home, featuring acclaimed musicians from across the world. His name, Didirri, is taken from the aboriginal word Dadirri meaning ‘deep listening and quiet; still awareness and waiting’. This namesake has clearly been kept close to his heart, exemplified in his sage and honest lyricism.

(Didirri) "Sold For Sale is a journey of self discovery. It is an exploration, going back through my life to find the deepest meanings and the most impactful moments that have shaped me. I am very excited to share this record with you and hope that you enjoy this expression of my life with me.”


In true 2020 style, the album's September 25th release was celebrated with a series of virtual concerts for parts of the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Didirri's Raw Stuff Tour

Thursday, 5th November

Lansdowne, Sydney

Friday, 6th November

Small Ballroom, Islington

Thursday, 12th November,

Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool

Saturday, 14th November,

Howler, Brunswick

Sunday, 15th November [U/18]

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Thursday, 19th November,

The Foundry, Fortitude Valley

Friday, 20th November,

Kingscliff Hotel, Kingscliff

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