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Don’t Be ‘Left Behind’, Listen To Wave Racer’s New Single

Photo credit: Pitch Studios

There’s nothing more exciting than an artist exploring different sides of their artistry. Melbourne-based electronic producer, Wave Racer, is doing just that with his latest single ‘Left Behind’. Described as ‘pick-me-up pop’, ‘Left Behind’ uses the very best of Racer's creative ear to create a fresh and exciting addition to his discography.

Sonically, ‘Left Behind’ is an amalgamation of drum-like beats, synths and a perfectly placed guitar riff. While it’s understandable to think that they would sound loud together, the track’s production actually creates a soundscape that’s more chilled-out than overwhelming. ‘Left Behind’ is the perfect song for a quiet evening in your bedroom. It’s not about creating a party atmosphere, rather it’s about showcasing Racer’s lyrical content.

“I was forced into a major identity transformation very rapidly and the song describes that experience and the unhealthy coping mechanisms associated with it,” says Racer. “I wanted the lyrics to be as honest and self-aware as possible, and sonically I think I managed to capture the sense of feverish anxiety and uncertainty that many of us probably feel during transformative times.”

‘I’m trying to get back the pieces of my mind that I / I left behind,’ Racer declares in each chorus. Racer’s lyrics are profound and straightforward. The producer sings them himself, moving between his regular singing voice and a darker cybernetic tone around the beginning of the track. A symbol of Racer’s journey, the movement between the voices adds a stylistic shift that hooks you at the start and keeps you listening till the end.

At the end of the day, ‘Left Behind’ is a fantastic song that will surprise Racer’s fans and leave them wanting more.

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