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Dopamine Are Back With Their New Single 'Strange Situation'

Here's the Dopamine hit you need—the Brisbane-based indie rock quartet have dropped their latest single 'Strange Situation'. Produced and mixed by Aidan Hogg (Holy Holy, Jaguar Jonze, WAAX), 'Strange Situation' is a huge indie rock anthem with driving rhythms and frontman Finley Miller's soaring vocals. With a sound that combines classic Aussie indie rock with the sweet melodies of Britpop, Dopamine have been making a name for themselves with a strong run of singles over the last few years. 'Strange Situation' is their first single of 2021, and it's perhaps their best work yet. They've gone from strength to strength since last year's release of 'Tonight'.

Speaking of the meaning behind the song, Miller says, “’Strange Situation’ is about people who aren't being themselves. I’m not necessarily making a judgement on a particular person, I'm more reflecting on a social interaction and thinking that it's a strange thing to experience. There's a lot of people who try to be something that they’re not because maybe they think that it’s strange to be themselves or something, but I’m basically saying that it's stranger to try to be someone else than it is to be yourself."

"You are your own person—just rock it."

It's a maxim that Dopamine live by. Despite their mix of influences—which include Oasis, The Smiths and Interpol—the band are carving out their own identity with a handful of fantastic tracks so far. We can't wait to hear what's next. Keep an eye out for the 'Strange Situation' music video, which the band says will be dropping soon.

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