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Dream Dali Deliver Another Brain Draining Ditty

Photos provided by Kick Push & Ruckus PR

Brisbane-based mind snipers Dream Dali are back with another freakydeaky single, this time a transhuman romance in 'Rosary.' Available since the 3rd of June and palpably filling the airwaves near you, 'Rosary' is another successor in the line of cortex-augmenting singles since their debut EP Life In Legato last year. Touching on the themes of the single, lead singer and thought-wizard Aldous Emerson stated:

Rosary is a fictional and metaphorical lover or infatuation that continues to hurt you, and yet you can’t help going back to them. Rosary is a representation of the people and relationships you have projected your ideals on.”

He should change his name to Aldous Immersion, because 'Rosary' is all-consuming. It begins with encapsulating rhythms: Driving drums, bass behind the wheel and vocals in the tank. Entrancing synth puts in the cheat codes for the chorus, and our ride is soaring. There's a sci-fi creeping pulse from the second verse, with the guitar going into psychosis for the second chorus and beyond. The track was released alongside an accompanying music video, dripping with their trademarked Dadaism and monochrome psychadelia:

Well known for their visceral live performances incorporating projectors, lighting, Dada movies and 30's black-and-white imagery, Dream Dali always deliver a psychadelic synapse thriller for the whole family. Let Aldous Emulsion and his band of ghouls mix your brain and the infinite.

A huge thank you to the band for their latest and offering and giving us the chance to get the word out about this head-tingling single. Give a megapint of support to Dream Dali on the interwebs and check out their new track 'Rosary' today.

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