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Eliza & the Delusionals Will Make You Feel ‘Sentimental’ With Their Latest Single

Like something plucked out of a teenage dream, Eliza & the Delusionals have blessed us with the first taste of their music since their March EP A State of Living In An Objective Reality, and it is delicious.

Streaked with influences from the indie-rock tracks of the 90s and rock and pop from the early 00s, ‘Sentimental’ is a warm, nostalgic hug and showcases the group’s songwriting skills in collaboration with award winning Australian pop writer Sarah Aarons (Cosmo’s Midnight, Childish Gambino), American songwriter/producer John Hill (WAFIA, Portugal. The Man) and multi talented producer / engineer Dylan Adams (DMA’s, Skeggs, Troy Sivan).

Having toured North America with Silversun Pickups, received over 700 spins on SiriusXM AltNation and after booking a bunch of impressive pre-COVID US tour dates and festival slots, there is no doubt that Eliza & the Delusionals are continuing to impress with their dreamy sound and they have culminated quite the listenership following the international success of their 2019 single ‘Just Exist’. It seems that the reception for this track will be no different.

The combination of beautiful vocal harmonies, a really classic-rock lead guitar sound, sparkling percussion that crashes like ocean waves and an absolute bop of a chorus makes this track feel like a dazed culmination of emotions, more so than a story; it captures a feeling. And they have managed to maintain this sense of nostalgia in ‘Sentimental’s’ accompanying music video. Vocalist and guitarist Eliza Klatt spoke on this.

“We wanted to create a visual that didn’t really have a story - but had more of a feeling paired with the song. We wanted to use the visuals and colours to create a nostalgic (and somewhat sentimental) feeling and emotion. Overall we love the way the video came out, and it’s our favourite one to date.” 

‘Sentimental’ is well crafted, heart-felt and somehow seems timeless already. You’ll love it. Guaranteed.

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