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Erin Foster's New Version of 'Sometimes' Is More Than A Match For The Original

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Erin Foster

Gold Coast legend Erin Foster, previously known under the moniker Karamilk has been releasing music under her own name since her striking debut earlier in the year. But there ain't a more timely or greater release than her latest. We present to you, with no small amount of Indie Pop glee: 'Sometimes (Alternative Version).'

Contrasting quite heavily to the original, this version is far more sombre in its vocality - introspective and reminiscent. The instrumentation is also much more stripped back and bare. Whereas the original had thick bass and pink bubblegum Vaporwave aesthetics, this new version is more raw.

The guitarist featured is none other than Brisbane's Ashley Martin, known for his groovin' string-slingin' with the band Eliza & The Delusionals. His lines perfectly compliment the tenderness of this reimagined classic, suiting Erin's heartfelt voice and emotive lyrics.

"Shortly after the pandemic began last year, I had to relocate from the Gold Coast to Sydney due to an unfortunate change of circumstance...At the time I was lucky enough to have my own studio upstairs which I’d retreat to after the bands had settled in for their session. I painted the walls pink and made the studio my own. Still, I was often grieving my former lifestyle in the Gold Coast and the people I had come to know and love....The first verse reflects on the reality of my situation, whereas the second verse is more of a fantasy of what could have been. Then there is a moment of self-awareness when I say, ‘I know I’m so out of my mind’ because I can’t live in my memories forever. I actually have an alternative version of this song of which I will be including on my debut album. It’s not as edgy, not even a bit. Instead it captures the warmth of summer in the Gold Coast and the melancholy of a daydream," Foster reflected on the track in an interview earlier in the year.

Erin is also host to a favourite 4ZZZFM segment, Discover Weekly, where she delves into the latest & greatest emerging artists doing great work to support her fellow local musicians.

This latest entry by Foster as a fast emerging artist establishes her as a pop-powerhouse with a sonic range and artistic depth that extends beyond the bedroom-soundscape and into festival caliber performance. We're very excited to see what Erin does next!

If you're curious about the original version of the song check it out below:

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