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Euan Hart: 5 CDs That Made Me A Better Artist

Photos by Jack Moran

Euan Hart has just released his debut single, and to celebrate the release of 'Snowflake,' he sat down with us and gave us his 5 CDs that made him a better artist. Euan has a huge CD collection, he tells us, and he's always buying stacks of them when he goes to op-shops. The single is being released alongside an accompanying music video, with both the track and the video are out now, as of April 27th, and you can check it out below!! The Sydney-based musician is causing a stir with his debut, oozing with a curious combo of longing & self-deprecating humour. Tragedy and comedy are two sides of the same coin with Euan Hart's 'Snowflake.'

The video was filmed in charming Sofala over 3 days, inspired after a night of watching the Aussie film 'Wake In Fright.' The protagonist begins alone in the middle of nowhere and slowly journeys to be somewhere important. The indie-folk tones are perfectly captured in the beautiful Australian scrub.

Without further ado, let's jump into Euan Hart's 5 CDs that made him a better musician:

1. Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings

This one was an interesting gift given to me by my dear friend Amy. The thing about CDs is, especially if your car is as messy as mine, and life as chaotic, they end up sitting in the player for months at a time. This is great because you end up falling in love with the album even if there is only a slight draw to it in the beginning, so I'd always make sure to buy CD’s I wouldn’t or have not necessarily listened to on Spotify. But ‘Not For Me’ has got to be a favourite for me, an anti-love song, I do love. Just like Shakespeare’s My mistress's eyes are nothing like the son.

2. Gorillaz - Demon Days

I was surprised this one took me so long to get onto. I knew the hits but by golly, I didn’t know the lesser known tracks. It’s an incredible mix of acoustic and electronic production. My favourite track is probably 'White Light,' 'Fire coming out the monkey's head' or of course 'DARE.' The changes in these songs are incredible.

3. Father John Misty - Fear Fun

My other dear friend Kurt got me this one and I didn’t hit play for a fair whack of time. And then I did, and I couldn’t take it out. This is where my lyrical interest changed. He showed me that you can still write fantastically funny yet heartfelt lyrics with catchy music and a mix of production styles. My favourite is 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,' fantastic.

4. The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

Again, one of the hardest CDs to take out. I bought this one myself after finding their first album (Wagonwheel Blues) at an op-shop and falling in love with that. I love finding an artist's lesser known album first, falling for them and then you hear the one they did later on after years of perfecting their songwriting and it genuinely is a huge step up. Favourite track is probably 'Holding On,' THAT GODDAMN BASSLINE IN THE CHORUS!! This album is just so easy to listen to, so heartfelt, uplifting, driving… amazing.

5. A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night - Harry Nielson

I found this one in my dad’s CD collection. I asked for Nielson and this is all we had, it’s a compilation of standards. My friend Harry (Renwick) had been raving about him so I wanted to see for myself. This one was in the car for months, and it did big things for my voice. I would sing along with Nielson and Baker because I loved the songs, but inadvertently, I was really working hard at singing softly. You can hear this incredible trill thing he does in 'This is All I Ask' at about 3:15. It is incredible for him to be such an amazing songwriter and have that voice.

Thanks again to Euan for the incredible insight and the fascinating tracks to explore. His debut single 'Snowflake' is out now, and it's a track to keep an ear out for. The man behind the voice will be playing a gig to celebrate the single launch, so if you're in the Sydney area, definitely make a beeline for the Golden Age Cinema and support this gem out. The event is free and 18+ so definitely treat your ears and have a night on the town. Hear the pipes roar in real life.

Euan Hart 'Snowflake' Launch Show

More info HERE

Golden Age Cinema & Bar - Sydney

Saturday 7th May

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