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Exuberant New Single From Good Lekker Showcases Their Evolving Sound

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Riotous Illawarra six-piece Good Lekker have released an exuberant new single 'Timeless Coward' and we can attest to why it is one of their favourite releases to date.

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Bursting onto the scene in 2017 with their debut 'Alibi', leading to the emergence of last year’s debut EP ‘Samsara, Good Lekker have been steadily evolving their sound; a juicy combination of psych and British-rock that will pique the interest of fans partial to outfits such as Lime Cordiale, Bugs, FOALS and old-school The Jungle Giants.

‘Timeless Coward’ sees Good Lekker at the height of their sound as we are treated to the polished track yet, layered with tantalising moments of alt-rock decadence, culminating in an infectious hook-filled groove.

Lyrically, the frustration of ‘Timeless Coward’ is wonderfully conveyed by vocalist Alex Gray, whose gritty tones describe the struggle of striving for progress but constantly finding yourself worse off than when you started, very indicative of this notoriously obstacle-filled year.

“Took one step forward and another two backwards” // “Went six floors up and another ten downwards”

This ongoing struggle reaches its peak with the unabated repetition of “upside down and backwards” in the chorus and to take out the song, but with Good Lekker’s signature builds and falls driving the track, feeling lost has never been so riotous.

The boys’ animated sound is only further amplified on a live stage and has provided them with a reputation for blistering live shows that have landed them sold out support slots for Boo Seeka and The Babe Rainbow in addition to dominating stages at festivals like Yours & Owls, Party in the Paddock and FKA Festival.

So, those of you in Wollongong are in for a treat as Good Lekker announce their Timeless Coward Launch from 20-22 October. Did someone say road trip??

Good Lekker Timeless Coward Launch 2020

Tickets HERE

Tuesday, 20th October

LA LA LAS, Wollongong

w/ Scab Baby, Cove Sound System

Wednesday, 21st October

LA LA LAS, Wollongong

w/ Tiarnie, Cove Sound System

Thursday, 22nd October

LA LA LAS, Wollongong

w/ Debbies, Cove Sound System

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