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FeelsClub Latest Single ‘Huminga’ Is Giving Us All The Feels

Feelsclub’s new single ‘Huminga’ is the dance pop track we have been waiting for, and the powerful story behind the meaning of the song makes it one of the most important tracks of this year.

Based in Brisbane, FeelsClub are one of Australia’s shining stars in the dance music scene, who describes themselves as ‘Trash Pop Royalty’, which sums it up pretty perfectly. Edgy and fun, FeelsClub are the party band of our dreams.

Exploring vocalist's MKA’s Filipino heritage, ‘Huminga’ is a track that focuses on the Filipino people’s history of oppression, overcoming it and striving for a change . While the song is a fun track that we can all imagine busting a move to, the true essence of the song is MKA exploring the challenges of growing up as a bicultural person in Australia.

“The world is moving and a lot of really important stuff is coming to the forefront; creating a path for change. Sonically, we’re trying to frame the fact that it’s so tumultuous right now, but that feeling of unease is something I have felt for my whole life. Being from two cultures, the constant feeling of division, copping racism… it was such a big move to share that reflection with the band and now we’re sharing it with the world,” says MKA.

‘Huminga’ is a glimpse of what we can expect from the bands upcoming EP A Wave Inevitiable. The neon daydream plays like a heated conversation between two opposing individuals. ‘Huminga’ itself is the Tagalog translation of ‘breathe’, and the track is a plead for the space to breathe, but set over an explosion of dancefloor synth and electronic pop.

‘Huminga’ is the answer to the question – can political music also be fun? It’s powerful and the message is clear, but you can’t help but bob your head along to it.

A Wave Inevitable is out Tuesday 24th September

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