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FELONY.'s 'Your New Girl': A Refreshingly Candid Anthem for the Internet Age

In the ever-evolving landscape of alternative pop music, FELONY., 17-year-old Australian sensation, continues to make waves with her latest single, "Your New Girl." Exploring themes of self-comparison, fear, and anxiety, this track effortlessly combines punchy sarcasm and irony to create a captivating sonic experience. FELONY. masterfully blends spiky alt-pop instrumentation with raw, honest lyricism, cementing her unique place in the music industry. With influences ranging from MUNA and The 1975 to The Japanese House and Sky Ferreira, "Your New Girl" offers listeners a glittery, synth-filled journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Rise of FELONY.

Debuting as an artist in 2022 under the moniker LAYYLA, FELONY. quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts with her debut single, "Anything to Feel Anything." The track not only secured a spot in the Triple J Unearthed High Yearbook but also earned her a finalist nomination for a prestigious Queensland Music Award in 2023. FELONY.'s live performances and band were met with overwhelming success, resulting in a SOLD OUT national tour of Australia supporting renowned Brisbane group, Selfish Sons. FELONY. has continued to demonstrate her commitment to excellence in every aspect of her musical journey.

Unveiling "Your New Girl"

In an era where our lives are constantly exposed and shaped by the pervasive influence of the internet, FELONY. stands out as a rising artist who is authentically navigating this digital landscape. With a fresh and forthcoming perspective on pop music, FELONY. emerges as a vital voice in today's ever-changing world.

"I really have a focus on making honest music that speaks for my generation of young people, we’re the first group of people to be living in a completely digital age, yet it’s so new to humanity that no one has a rulebook of how to navigate it yet." – FELONY.

"Your New Girl" presents itself as a pivotal piece in FELONY.'s vision for the "FELONY. universe." The song envelops listeners in a sonic universe filled with catchy melodies and unapologetic lyrics that strike a chord deep within the soul. Glittering synths and sparkling guitars intermingle atop a foundation of punchy drums and bass, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. FELONY.'s vocals soar through the mix, cutting through with a blend of vulnerability and conviction. The track's ability to touch upon universal emotions of longing, while incorporating a clever blend of sarcasm and irony, demonstrates FELONY.'s songwriting prowess and her gift for crafting authentic, relatable experiences.

A Glimpse into FELONY.'s Universe

FELONY. possesses a clear vision for her musical universe, where spiky alt-pop instrumentation meets honest, thought-provoking lyricism. "Your New Girl" acts as a stepping stone in the sculpting of this universe, leaving listeners both entranced and eager for more. At just 17 years old, FELONY. displays an impressive level of maturity and artistry, garnering acclaim from both critics and fans alike. With a catalog that boasts two streamable songs fit for festival lineups, FELONY. is poised to lead this next era of alternative pop music with her infectious melodies and unfiltered expression.

As FELONY.'s star continues to rise, "Your New Girl" solidifies her position as an artist to watch in the alt-pop genre. With her irresistible blend of captivating instrumentation and honest lyricism, she offers a refreshing and authentic voice in the music industry. As we embark on this exciting journey with FELONY., it becomes clear that something a lot bigger is yet to come. Prepare to be captivated by a continuous stream of infectious melodies, fearless lyrics, and a timeless soundtrack that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on audiences for years to come.


For fans of: The Japanese House, Sky Ferreira, The 1975, MUNA


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