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From Brisbane With Love: L. Flora Releases ‘Heavenly’ EP

Music is universal and it is incredible to see how Aussie artists are taking sounds from other parts of the world and molding them into something unique. Hailing from Brisbane, but with a sound that would be at home in a New York City jazz club, the neo-soul band, L. Flora, return with a highly anticipated six-track EP, ‘Heavenly’.

‘Heavenly’ is another step in L. Flora’s journey of carving out a niche and sound that is entirely their own. The EP opens with ‘Igna’, where piano and drum duck and weave whilst frontwoman, Millie Khalu's vocals perfectly caress the beat giving us a taste of what to expect ahead.

The accompaniment flows into the EP’s title track, ‘Heavenly’. Here, L. Flora continues the neo-soul romanticism, ‘but it’s been wonderful to have found Heaven in you’ she sings, voice soaring over the soulful sax in the back. Emotional. Uplifting. Its a perfect respite for the times we live in. A standout moment of the track is Khalu’s second verse, its lyrics 'Who would I, who would I, who would I be? / Who would I, who would I be without [thee] / I don’t care for me’, Khalu expertly drops her voice into a space that is not quite scatting but not quite rapping. Like water tumbling down a rock, her vocals are effortlessly fluid - a testament to her skills as a performer.

With impeccable instrumentation and their vibrant jazz sounds, each of the EP's song could easily stand on their own as a single. ‘Birds and the Bees’ and ‘Poison Ivy’ are straight up bops. ‘Bombafied’, with its electro-pop twists and synths, is guaranteed to have you on the dancefloor. ‘Proud’ begins quietly, but soon builds into a grand instrument-filled farewell where Khalu’s bandmates (Justin Parslow, Michal Ellul and Toby Young) prove once again why they are masters of their crafts.

"It's a declaration to never hold back and to harness the strength that lives within" says Khalu

At the end of the day, L. Flora’s ‘Heavenly’ EP is more than just a collection of self-reflective love songs. It’s an experience where instruments and a timeless voice come together to transport you into a smoke-filled, neon-signed jazz club. It’s a must listen and you won’t be disappointed.


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