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From ‘Paper Dreams’ To Solid Reality: Rose Rogers Releases Debut EP

There’s just something about Aussie artists where they get it right every time. After the successful releases of her singles, ‘Crime’ and ‘Paper Dreams’, Brisbane singer-songwriter, Rose Rogers, reintroduces herself to the Australian music industry with the release of her debut EP, ‘Paper Dreams’.

Comprised of five tracks, the EP was produced by Govinda Doyle who has previously worked with prominent Australian artists, Tones and I and Angus & Julia Stone. Talent calls to talent and with his touch, Doyle successfully captures the youthful energy of Rogers from start to finish.

On ‘Crime’, ‘Houses’ and ‘Racing’, there’s guitar strings warmly strumming away and soft beats that keep a steady rhythm for vocals and instruments to flow through and around. Thanks to their creative geniuses, Rogers and Doyle gave us two versions of ‘Paper Dreams’. While the original is still a banger, the new ‘piano edition’ replaces the original’s pluckiness with a more mature sound. Not only is it longer than the original, but the piano notes exemplify the emotional threads in Rogers’s voice. To put it plainly, the original ‘Paper Dreams’ is a warm summer’s afternoon where the breeze rustles through your hair and tries its best to melt the ice block in your hand. ‘Paper Dreams (Piano Edition)’ is a late night phone call on a Friday night where only secrets are talked about. When discussing the EP, Rogers says:

“[it’s] basically learning to let go of the weights on your shoulders for a moment to simply remind yourself what it feels like to be here, to be present.”

This authenticity drips from every word and every note that Rogers sings. While the EP’s production is flawless, there is no question that the driving force of its success is Rogers’s vocals. They’re Passenger meets Olivia Rodrigo with the former’s hominess dressed with the latter’s vulnerable tenderness.

“In a nutshell, ‘Paper Dreams’ is solely about exploring the universe and ourselves and to never lose sight of where we desire to be” Rogers says.

With that outlook, ‘Paper Dreams’ is an A+ addition to Rogers’s catalogue proving that she has, indeed, explored the universe and has never lost sight of where she deserves to be. ‘Paper Dreams’ EP is out now!


EP LAUNCH Black Bear Lodge March 3rd

with support from: Dan Poloni Harrison Knight

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