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G Flip and Thomas Headon Join Forces To Bring Us ‘Not Even In Vegas’

Melbourne-based powerhouse, G Flip was no stranger to our eyes, and ears, within 2020, releasing a number of impressive singles and inserting her mark on the many aspects of what the music world has to offer- bringing us a spark of joy within the otherwise dreary year. Living and learning, G Flip is back with her latest single, ‘Not Even In Vegas’- a song written about the silver linings to be found in the climate of a global pandemic. This time, she enlisted the help of fellow musical star, Thomas Headon. Together, their voices are as smooth as honey, intertwining and complementing each other perfectly in order to give birth to this warm and comforting COVID-inspired tune.

The track sees two of the finest young stars coming together to create a track that is dynamic and layered- a perfect duality that is composed of beautifully contrasted vocals, as well as juicy harmonies.

“When me and Thomas met we both instantly matched each other’s energy and had a lot of stuff in common. We joked about booking a mates trip to Vegas but because of covid there were no flights available so I booked us flights to Dubbo instead - because when Tommy and I are together we can make anywhere feel like Vegas, even rural NSW. After a few sessions we wrote this track - it’s a feel good song about having a good time no matter where you are— whether that be your friend’s apartment, your own room, or even in VEGAS/DUBBO. The track was co-produced by Ed Quinn a former member of Slum Sociable and also my childhood neighbour growing up. To complete the track we went back to the street where it all began, and finished the song in my mothers house.” says G Flip

Guided by a simplistic but groovy beat, the track is a smooth and easy listen. Both signature of G Flip and Thomas, ‘Not Even in Vegas’ fosters their immaculate storytelling capabilities, but more importantly, their light and comforting energy that instantly makes any track personal and immersive. Through its instant connection, this track not only talks about the silver linings of such dreary times, such as the simple joys of being with your friends but lets us see it in the flesh between these two musical artists that go hand in hand so well.

"Not Even In Vegas' came about after a few times G and I had hung out. We'd tried to write together a few times but somehow always just ended up at a party together. We then eventually wrote this song about living like rock stars in Vegas, despite not even being there. It's a fun little tune that describes both of our friendships so well, hopefully we at least get to go to Vegas together one day.” says Headon

If you want to celebrate this track with some of your own friends, G Flip is set to take Vivid LIVE by storm with her debut performance in the Sydney Opera House on August 9th. Visit HERE for more information!

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