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Get Ready For 'First Contact': Lastlings Announce Debut Album

Taken from Lastlings Socials

If you listen to any of the last four singles Lastlings have dropped, namely ‘Deja Vu’, ‘I’ve Got You’, ‘Take My Hand’ and ‘No Time’, you’ll hear that Lastlings are arena ready. Their upcoming debut album ‘First Contact’, might just take them there.

Lastlings are a brother/sister duo who are already raising eyebrows in all corners of the globe. Lastlings have carved out their own lane of tech driven pop, often infused with dystopian explorations of humanity and emotion.

The most recent single ‘No Time’ sounds like flying through space as the planets dance around you, the atmospheric mood is entrancing and infectious and extremely indicative of what makes Lastlings what they are. This type of music isn’t going unnoticed, they’re on more big streaming playlists than this article has space to mention and are a mainstay on Triple J. The album comes out on 20 November and all indications are that the tantalising wait will be more than worth it.

The album trailer, shot in Japan, gives a skin tingling excitement for the music that will follow. The trailer is as cinematic as any film you’ll see this year and gives a taste of the duo’s creativity that is sure to be all over the upcoming album. The album is self described as encompassing ‘all the moments we experience for the first time, how special they are and how important they are in shaping us as people’. The album will span 12 tracks and can be preordered or pre-saved here. It’s always special to watch Australian talent take on the world, we know Lastlings are ready for it, let's just hope the world is as well.

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