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Gimmy Flowens Unveils Fearless Sophomore Single ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ And Video

Bold, empowering and with vocals that are as enchanting as they are powerful, it’s safe to say that Northern Rivers artist Gimmy Flowens never does anything half-hearted, which is vividly apparent in her fearless sophomore single ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, accompanied by an utterly charming music video accompaniment.

The solo project from The Oogars vocalist Gemma Owens, Gimmy Flowens burst forth last year with debut single ‘Away For a While’, combining her charming psych-rock energy with an intimate lyrical prowess that beats with an indie-folk heart.

Now, returning with an eagerly-awaited follow up to her debut, Gimmy Flowens unleashes her quirky, groove-filled indie-rock inner-child with ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, which flourishes with surf-rock inspired guitar riffs, punchy drums and richly hypnotic vocals. Playful in the verses with mischievous guitar layers that bop and bounce, the chorus carries a more serious undertone, accentuating the song’s meaning as Flowens urges her mind (and ours) not to be afraid.

Alongside an unflinching dynamic delivery, and some lighthearted self-deprecation, Flowens wrote ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ about the intimate inner dialogue of our minds, encouraging us to vanquish self-doubt, be brave and take risks, as she explains:

"The song was born from a restless self-analysing moment in my music room. It's about empowering yourself when being doubtful and to not be afraid of taking risks."

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ arrives with a spunky video celebrating Gimmy Flowens’ new look in a retro setting featuring colourful stumes and wonderfully kooky dance moves.

Co-directed and shot by Capucine Merlant, the video sees a whole cast of friends coming together in colourful turtle neck attire, symbolising the different thoughts and emotions running through Gimmy’s mind, with Gimmy pulling focus throughout with her expressive delivery and undeniable stage presence.

“The music video was a 3 day project shot in a studio space, around my local town and in my bedroom. My dear friend Capucine and I joined forces to create the script that we both loved and were excited to bring to life.”

Dripping with creativity and a love for the arts, Gimmy Flowens is allowing Gemma to really explore her sound whilst also acting as an outlet to fuse her sonic and visual visions, bringing them to life in her music.

With plenty in the works, Gimmy Flowens is set to release two more singles ahead of her forthcoming debut EP, including gut-wrenchingly raw new track 'Vulnerable' (out Nov 26), which sees Gimmy at her most exposed both sonically and lyrically. With so much still yet to come from this unique artist, we're intrigued to continue accompanying Gimmy Flowens on her enchanting musical journey.

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