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Gold Coast Trio 'Greatest Hits' Release Spiciest Single Yet

Photo Credit: Saskia Kovandzich

After splitting the sonisphere with their debut EP last year, pride of the Gold Coast, Greatest Hits are back at it again - this time with their latest single, 'Spicy.' A friendly amalgamation of 70's inspired sunshine rainbow groove, 'Spicy' sounds like a swim on the beach with a Cadbury in each hand.

The song is released alongside an accompanying music video. This video feels like a happy fugue-state. A fever dream, but if the fever was caused by Summer glow.

This song irresistibly compels all who hear it to dance uncontrollably, you have been warned.

Lead-singer, songwriter & guitarist, Ryan Cooper opened up about the themes and inspiration behind 'Spicy:'

“I was never the super confident kid. I particularly remember watching others shred up the dance floor, while I watched from the side. I had all the desire, but never the boldness to back it up. I think we’ve all felt the pressure of onlooking eyes, which has stopped us stepping out into something, or letting our true selves loose. “Spicy” is about revisiting those feelings, recognising the fire in your belly, and throwing caution to the wind.”

At least now, he and many others will be able to shred like none have ever dared to shred on the D-Floor with the raw dance fury of 'Spicy.' This latest track comes off the back of a big year for Greatest Hits, having tore up the road for their own headline tour, as well as support esteemed acts like San Cisco, The Buoys, The Grogans, and Danny Benet.

In their current iteration, Greatest Hits comprises of Ryan Cooper, Chelsea Foley and Henry Chatham. These three musical wizards promise that they've got more plans up their voluminous sleeves in-store for us before the end of 2021. So keep your ears peeled.

You can listen to their latest & greatest track now on all major streaming services. Get 'Spicy' by Greatest Hits into your ear gullets today:

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