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Grenade Jumper Release Empowering Anthem ‘Breathe In’

Photo credit: Billy Zammit

Sydney punk-rockers Grenade Jumper are making a critical statement about global standards of beauty with their new two-track What’s Left When It All Falls Down, and their B-side track ‘Breathe In’ begs for awareness and change.

The two-side is dark and heavy musically and there is no doubt that there is some trauma behind its conception. However, ‘Breath In’ features uplifting lyrics which, when paired with the powerhouse vocals from frontwoman Bianca Davino, evoke a real sense of hope. Davino spoke on this message.

“'Breathe In' is about coming to terms with themes of traditional beauty standards and self-worth. It paints the picture of someone who’s at a crossroads - finding the balance between empowerment and being preyed on for your vulnerabilities.  The title of our two-track, 'What’s Left When It All Falls Down' comes from this song. I knew we had to call it that because it’s a huge reflection of what we’re experiencing globally right now - a shift in psyche, and we’re waiting hopefully and anxiously for the product of what rises from this change. We think the two songs together culminate as a dual narrative together in this way, which is why we packaged them together.“

In 2019, Grenade Jumper were featured as “Trendsetters” on Triple J and have continued to fulfil that status by keeping the soul of punk rock alive; they are making poignant political statements from the perspective of the underdog, they’re engaging heavily with their pop-punk fandom on social media and are keeping the hype alive for the big names in their genre like Fall Out Boy and Wolf Alice.

The fresh quality that Grenade Jumper provides lies in their use of angst. ‘Breath In’ features the thrashing drums, gritty chords and intense attitude that those of us who were once “scene kids” will know and love, but they use this sense of strength to force their catchy choruses and to embody a positive message. Their energy on this track is really contagious so I think I’m gonna go sign a petition or join a protest now.

If you’ve been blasting WAAX or Press Club lately, definitely give Grenade Jumper a go.

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