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Gretta Ray Is Back With Unrivalled 'Passion' In New Single

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Image credit: Supplied

Melbourne songstress Gretta Ray has turned it up a notch with latest single ‘Passion’, delivering a decadent and pulsing indie-pop track that demonstrates Gretta’s evolution in both sound and confidence.

Known for her velvet vocals and vulnerable storytelling, Gretta Ray has only continued to blossom as an artist since winning the Triple J Unearthed High and the prestigious Vanda & Young Songwriting Award at only 18.

Now at 22 years of age, it is clear that she has come into her own, delivering desire and elegance with a disarming track that allows us to glimpse a poised and self-assured Gretta Ray in action.

"This is a different kind of song for me. Conceptually it's not narrative-driven like a lot of my other songs. Passion is essentially a love song, but people have heard romantic music from me before. I feel like this is definitely turned up a notch."

And turn it up she did. From the first dramatically echoing piano chords and pulsing beat, the heat of ‘Passion’ is physical. Conjuring images of fluorescent lights at nighttime, you will be instantly drawn in by the enticing pop cadence coupled with Gretta’s smooth, throaty vocals.

"I think Passion is a good way of indicating that there is a different sound around the corner. We've [co-writer Kyran Daniel (G Flip) and producer Robby De Sa (MAY-A, The Veronicas, Busby Marou)] made a pop record, but in a way that's unique and authentic to me. It's been a really fun challenge for me as a writer. It's been a time of experimentation and new experiences. I think we've definitely gone deeper."

Not solely a song about romantic relationships, 'Passion' was also written as a love song for Gretta's job as a musician and the true passion she has for her craft.

"I'm a pretty passionate person in general. In my romantic relationships, yes, but I'm also incredibly passionate about my job. And in terms of making this record, I was able to dive headfirst into my craft in a way that I never had before. So these lyrics about passion being all I've ever known, that is definitely me in my music."

Alongside director Kyle Caulfield, Gretta was also able to bring a childhood dream into fruition with an elegant, aesthetic video for ‘Passion’, showing off Gretta’s poise, grace and fabulous fashion.

"It's everything I've wanted to do in a video since I was nine years old. It was shot at the Labassa mansion in Melbourne; everything's antique and precious, a lot of the furniture is draped in sheets which makes the perfect look for the video. I'm really excited that this is the first thing people are going to see because it alludes to all that’s to come.

Now, after being introduced to this new dimension of Gretta as a performer with 'Passion', it's going to be a thrill watching this passionate indie-pop icon continue to grow as an artist. Still so young and brimming with talent, the sky's the limit for Gretta Ray.




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