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Hallie is 'Nice Like Rice'

Coupled with sweeping blue synths and memorable chords, ‘Nice Like Rice’ actually bears a deeper meaning. It is a sonnet about friendship and falling from it. The electric guitar grounds a jazzy hook and a rather unique side to Hallie. Hailing from Brisbane, the folk-pop songwriter no doubt, possesses maturity in her art.

There's certainly a Stella Donnelly + Maddy Jane vibe and that's a good thing. Heartbreak bubbles at its surface when it came to lyrics like, “My eyes are glassy”. The chic vibe to the melody explores a nostalgic perspective that is often missed on an initial impression of the song. Somehow piercing through the fine line between cool pop and country undertones, Hallie delivers with a simple, yet vital message: Allow yourself to let go and move on from a friendship that was once there.

Don't forget to check out the song below!



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