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Hallie’s New Single ‘Fairy Bread’ Is All Kinds Of Sweet

Falling in love is a lot like eating your favourite sweets. It’s a sugar rush, it’s addictive and it’s something that, once you’ve had a taste of it, you never want to let go. It’s the same feeling we got when we listened to singer-songwriter Hallie’s newest single ‘Fairy Bread’. Queensland’s indie pop darling has given fans an insight into her love life as Hallie turned her time falling in love into a certified indie pop bop.

“‘Fairy Bread’ was written at the end of last year’s ‘party stage’, when I was also falling in love. I felt myself being more overcome by the person I was dating than the partying, and was craving some more damn wholesomeness. It’s about taking the next, more intimate step with someone and finding out what they’re like when they’re not ‘on’ or in their party outfit or, in our case, covered in sprinkles hehe. I ended up co-producing the song with my partner/the inspo, which made it even more special. I think this is my favourite and most meaningful song I’ve ever written,” said Hallie when asked to describe the inspiration behind the song.

The track opens with chilled-out guitar strumming and a quiet drum to keep a steady rhythm going. Already, the song’s production captures the feeling of falling in love. It’s a gradual build up, not a wave that’ll crash into you. As the song progresses, the instruments continue to colour the acoustic-based soundscape. It’s warm and rich, the perfect combination of sounds that’ll conjure images in your head of Hallie at a house party. She spots her partner across the hallway and her heart flutters at the possibilities of what’ll happen next. All the while, Hallie’s vocals are in top form. Though crystal clear, there’s also a slight misty quality to them that perfectly melds with the soundscape to turn ‘Fairy Bread’ from a song into an all-encompassing experience.

At the same time, Hallie’s songwriting deserves to be recognised. It’s filled with imagery and is unapologetically real. ‘This feels sporadic / like we’re hanging from a ceiling fan / you let go, land on your feet / and I’m legs akimbo in the air,’ Hallie sings. It’s the sort of songwriting that hints at years of experience. From writing in diaries to baring their heart in the studio, it’s the kind of lyricism that artists use to instantly hook you in and bond with you on an emotional level.

At the end of the day, we couldn’t recommend ‘Fairy Bread’ enough. Hallie is a gift that keeps on giving and you’re sure not to be disappointed with this release.


Tickets here

Thursday, 3rdJune

The Triffid (Supporting Great Gable), Brisbane

Friday, 4th June

The Triffid (Supporting Great Gable), Brisbane

Saturday, 5th June

The Northern Hotel (Supporting Great Gable), Byron Bay

Saturday, 19th June

Vic On The Park, Sydney

Sunday, 20th June

North Gong Hotel, Wollongong

Wednesday, 23rd June

Blackbear Lodge (Supporting Hatchie), Brisbane

Thursday, 24th June

The Leadbeater Hotel, Melbourne

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