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Having A Quarter Life Crisis? Don’t Worry, The Jensens’ ‘Paper Walls’ Is Here

Image: The Jensens | Supplied

The Jensens have just graced us with piping hot new single ‘Paper Walls’ in the lead up to the 2021 release of anticipated Hammer and Blush album. As if a single wasn’t enough, the Brisbane band collaborated with visual artist Unclechronicbone to deliver a video clip that is perfect, vibrant anarchy, wholly encapsulating the colourful chaos and of this new tune.

‘Paper Walls’ is all about pulling yourself out of slippery doubt-spirals. They touch on the dreaded quarter-life crisis all of us 20’s face; “Waking up too early/ I can barely open my eyes/ (it’s so) 50’s and you’re 30/You’re only 25”. When speaking on the inspiration behind the track, lead-singer Joe White said:

“Paper walls are resolutions without any weight – like sand-castle promises to yourself, washed away by the weekend.  Unending internal conversations about doing more, being more, and seeing more, when you realise you’ve once again chosen bad habits over hard work.  And who could blame you?  But there’s still a desire for self-improvement that doesn’t go away, so you turn your back on your former self, again and again.  It’s not about being hard on yourself, it’s about having faith in a vision of a better version of you.”

The track itself is a massive explosion of all things synth, bass and grungy guitar, with some cranky vocals and psychedelic scramble to break it all up. They kick things off with a beat that has some serious forward momentum, giving you no other option but to come along for the ride. You’re then met with a crunchy descending guitar line that takes you into the core groove and the first verse.

The verses are chunky, hitting roof on the distortion. You can see yourself sweat-drenched, front-right in a festival mosh pit head-banging to White’s punchy vocals over the heavily rock-infused backline. You get some tasteful relief from the more paired-back bridge and indie-pop vibe of the chorus and outro, showing these boys know their way around a good sonic balance. Even the cheeky hints of toy piano lighten the track, infusing some playfulness that leans into the 90s, lo-fi vibe of the video clip.

If ‘Paper Walls’ is anything to go off, Hammer and Blush is set to be an absolute banger of an album. The Jensens never fail to deliver a smorgasbord of themes and samples for your ear to grab on to. Not only is their entire artistic concept incredibly well curated (Exhibit A: ‘Paper Walls’ music video), but their music is both frivolously enjoyable and deeply interesting. The band will launch Paper Walls with a short run of COVID-safe shows in Queensland in November. Do yourselves a favour and get your mitts on some of these exclusive tickets.

The Jensens 'Paper Walls' Tour

Friday, 6th November

Solbar, QLD

Tickets here 

Friday, 4th December

Mo's Desert Club House, QLD

Tickets here

Friday, 11th December

Black Bear Lodge, QLD

Tickets here 

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