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Heartbreakingly Beautiful: There’s Nothing ‘Damaged’ About Miiesha’s Latest Single

Photo credit: Cole Bennets

There’s nothing like a great RnB song to capture your attention. Hailing from Woorabinda in rural Queensland, proud Anangu/Torres Strait Islander RnB singer, Miiesha, has delivered a beautiful song in her latest single ‘Damaged’. Simply put, it has everything that RnB fans love: silky vocals, emotional/powerful lyricism, addictive beats and a vibe that is relaxingly chill.

“‘Damaged’ is my most personal song yet, and the most painful for me. It is a song about the broken relationship I have with my mother, and how much I have wanted it to heal, and how much I have tried to fix it, only to find myself hurting more,” says Miiesha.

‘Damaged’ opens with the strings of an electric guitar. Shortly afterwards, beats and percussion are added to flesh out the rest of the track’s soundscape. Everything is heightened with subtle inclusions of other sounds and instruments that have become RnB staples. You’ll hear piano keys chiming in the background and hollow taps that amplify the instruments of the soundscape’s foreground. All together, the song’s production is nothing short of exceptional.

Lyrically, ‘Damaged’ is heartbreakingly beautiful. Relationships are a common subject in RnB. In this case, Miiesha approaches the topic from a more narrative perspective. ‘Damaged’ is aural storytelling at its finest and contains a number of lines that are sure to spin around in your head for hours. ‘You with nothing left to lose / you’re down on the ground ‘fore you realise / that no one’s going to fight your fight / like the way that I used to,’ Miiesha sings. For us, the aforementioned line is a standout moment, but there’s many more.

Vocally, Miiesha was born to sing RnB. Her voice is a combination of Ella Mai and H.E.R., both in tone and richness. At the same time, Miiesha’s approach to storytelling gives her vocals a hominess that feels as if you’re listening to a loved one baring their heart and soul to you. You’ll understand what we mean when you hear the song’s chorus. Miiesha’s voice ascends into an airy register that complements the song’s soundscape and lyrics in a compelling way. Her vocals also slide over the track’s soundscape like water over rocks, cool and quenching to listen to.

To sum it up, ‘Damaged’ is a must listen to for fans of Australian RnB and RnB in general. Miiesha is a force within the genre and with a voice and lyricism like hers, there’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing a lot more from her.

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