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Help Yourself To 'Seconds', A Look Behind Sophie Edwards' Apathetic Anthem

Image: Sophie Edwards | Supplied

We often see artists asked endlessly about their songwriting process and especially for less-established artists, it’s rare we get to see how the other parts of their creative landscape come together. To continue to celebrate the release of her gorgeously vulnerable single ‘Seconds’, Sophie Edwards has given us a peak behind the scenes at the making of the music video for ‘Seconds’. She takes us through the chaos of the shoot, which included a party, a DIY ear piercing and Edwards’ warm up routine of dancing in her PJ’s. Her self-proclaimed nervousness on camera makes the video less like a PR stunt and more like a true, intimate gaze into her life. Whether you’re an aspiring artist yourself, a music nerd or just enjoy good songs, the video is definitely worth checking out.

To move onto the song itself, ‘Seconds’ is an anthem of apathy. Edwards sings of craving any sort of connection as she wills for an emotional breakthrough, ‘I’m pretty sure I’ll feel again soon’. The vocals come through in gentle waves, hitting the shore with a poetic crash as you can feel Edwards' internal monologue wrestle between exasperation and hope.

Shades of Vera Blue and Meg Mac shine through the down-to-earth songwriting and effortless vocal control. While apathy never feels like a cause for popping champagne, Edwards does want positivity to come from the song, saying ‘The song is trying to connect people who feel like their lack of feelings aren’t valid’. The message is really a powerful one, it’s not critical to feel a constant sense of purpose or every emotion under the sun every day, sometimes it’s okay to just exist.

‘Seconds’ does what not a lot of songs can do, and really draws you into the artists world and lets you live there for a couple minutes. Edwards has recently signed with record label Vacant Room Records and her last single ‘Early Bird’ was a big success on streaming.

Sophie Edwards seems to have everything falling into place and ‘Seconds’ is just the foundations of a building destined for Australian music’s skyline.

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