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Highline Help Us ‘Stay Sane’ With The Help Of Some Fellow Musos

Photo by John Roman Creations

Emerging from the streets of Sydney, Highline are continuing to soar to new heights with the release of their latest single ‘Staying Sane’. From the schoolyard, to sold-out headline shows, the band has proven their worth through immense dedication, and most importantly, astronomical musical growth.

Their latest single sees the band create an unmistakable connection with the listener- like a warm hug, a comforting shoulder, and a safe space of vulnerability and emotion. So too, does Highline take this opportunity to inform the audience of the importance of putting yourself first and looking after the state of your own wellbeing- even in the most challenging of situations. Through a melancholy delivery, guided by passion, and individualism aided by personal experience, ‘Staying Sane’ is a beautiful track, lathered in genuine emotion, connection and morals.

But, while Highline may be keeping us grounded with the release of their new single, we cannot help but wonder, ‘what music keeps Highline sane’? Thus comes the revelation of Highline’s favourite fellow Sydney artists! Ranging from musical influences, bearers of advice, and the undeniably talented, Highline has comprised a list not only worthy of a listen, but of our love!

Leading the list is pop-rock band, PLANET!

“We got talking to Tommy (lead Guitarist) and their manager Fran at both their show and our show at Mary’s underground. On top of their brilliant music, they’ve given us so much relevant advice in the last few months”.

Following is the ever-eccentric alternative group, Supahoney.

“They have some crazy music in the works, with an album due later in the year. Their namesake song was Rhys’ top listened to on Spotify for 2020. When they played with us, we were blown away by how talented and tight they were”.

Third is independent rockers SLIM JIMZ.

“They’ve got some really great stuff out already”.

Fourth is the fresh and exciting newcomers, F-POS!

F-POS just started the other day with a track called ‘Classic’. We’ve got a keen eye on where that goes!”

Fifth is a name familiar to many of us, the one and only Hayley Mary!

“We met her at The Lansdowne before our show once, she was great to talk to! Plus she’s done the best Like a Version of the year”.

And finally, is alternative trend-setters, Green Buzzard!

“We’ve never met Paddy Harrow Smith, but his album is full of some (what we think) largely undiscovered gems”.

It is undeniable that Sydney holds some incredible talent, and as Highline have proved, we may just have to search high and low to find it!

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