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Holly Humberstone's Latest Release Is Raw, Exposed And Anything But 'Vanilla'

Image credit: Holly Humberstone Facebook

Rising star Holly Humberstone is very quickly climbing the stairs to success with her undeniable talent, her latest release only reaffirming her potential as she presents us with a stunning, stripped-back rendition of single ‘Vanilla (Stairwell Version)’, lifted from her debut EP and performed in the isolated stairwell of the countryside house she grew up in.

The UK-based singer/songwriter has been making waves since her introduction to the music scene this year, her pure vocals and honest, conversational tone stealing the attention of many, seeing Holly tipped globally as one of 2020’s biggest breakthrough artists.

Taking inspirations from Damien Rice, Lorde, Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridges, HAIM and everyone in between, Holly’s critically acclaimed debut EP Falling Asleep At The Wheel, blends her moody sound with searingly honest lyrics and refreshing candour. Holly is an expert at translating some of life’s most intense feelings into glimmering pop hits, from mental health struggles and the dizzying feelings of falling for someone for the first time to the realisation that a relationship has run its course.

‘Vanilla (Stairwell Version)’ sees Holly exploring the latter, her clean voice soaring above her harmonised loops as she sings about a relationship that has gone stale over time.

"We’re perfectly comfortable, in the worst way / From time to time a spark ignites between us, whenever it works for you / So dull and lifeless, oh so vanilla / That’s just what we do."

Holly is beautifully exposed, swapping the tightly produced track from her EP for an acoustic masterpiece; just her voice, electric guitar and looper pedal, leaving nothing for her to hide behind.

"I could go on and on / But the truth is / I have my best nights without you"

The rawness of the song is emphasised by the camera work, showing Holly seated in the stairwell, with little equipment; the conviction in her voice enough to deliver this stunningly emotional song.

During her short but significant time in the spotlight, 20 year old Holly has already made it clear that she wants to be a voice of her generation through her activism interests. One of these is her Fifth Sister Swap Shop initiative, encouraging sustainability and recycling in fashion by wearing her fans clothes in her upcoming shoots.

With talent to spare and a conscience to inspire her fans and peers, Holly Humberstone’s unstoppable rise to stardom is going to be a pleasure to watch.

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