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‘I’ll Meet You There.’ Gordi and Alex Lahey Release Dive-Bar Inspired Track, ‘Dino’s’

Photo Credit: Nick Mckk

Prolific singer-songwriters, Gordi and Alex Lahey, release a rock-flavoured, guitar strumming, drumbacked ode to love with their new track, ‘Dino’s’. Originally penned in one of the song writing capitals of the world, Nashville, both artists look to their surroundings to perfectly capture the all consuming feeling of being in love.

The track is grounded through its setting of ‘Dino’s’, a real life dive bar that Gordi and Lahey visited when they were in Nashville. Gordi begins the song with her deep rich vocals as she sets the scene for the track’s protagonists to fall head over heels for each other. ‘And there was a waitress on the telephone / there was a method actor drunk / a kid with a fake ID and confidence’ she croons with the guitars and drums supporting her like a group of friends spying on their best friend’s date.

Lahey carries the track’s eclectic setting into the second verse with a voice that is both gentle and rich. Only this time, the song’s protagonists are set front and centre. In a joint statement, the artists said:

"The song captures the feeling of being totally captivated by the person sitting across from you while the world spins madly on."

While the track perfectly captures this throughout its entirety, the crowning jewel is when Gordi and Lahey bring their voices together to sing the final chorus. With impeccable mixing by Oscar Dawson, neither artist tries to outdo each other in the moment. Instead, it feels as if the artists are offering a sneak peek into the relationship being sung about. Hearing both singers passionately declare ‘I wanna have our own vernacular / all of the things I would say but I don’t know’ gives the track a warmth that could heat even the coldest of schooners.

‘Dino’s’ is out now!

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