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International Spotlight - Charly Bliss (USA) 'Young Enough'

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

In Australia we have a vibrant indie scene with some world class artists but with all the talent around of course it can sometimes be quite insulated from anyone but the most famous international acts. That's why once every so often we speak to some of our international friends to see whats going on in indie scenes around the world and across the ponds so to speak.

Charly Bliss is a self proclaimed bubble grunge outfit led by frontwoman Eva Hendricks. In 2017 they released Guppy a indie grunge rock effort featuring Hendricks' distinctive vocals. By then they were fully entrenched in their aesthetic with an old merch setup featuring a gumball machine filled with stickers and pins. And yet their tight saccharine-saturated hooks live act catapulted them to the top of the New York indie circuit - which we imagine is quite a feat in city of over 8 million citizens (All of Australia sits at 24 million). Tracks like 'Black Hole' and Percolator are a testament to their infectious song writing.

Two years on the quartet have released 'Capacity' a single off of their upcoming sophomore LP Young Enough. Here they pipe down their rock fuzz, replacing it with synth-pop anthems, almost a reflection of our fast changing modern world, full of self-critical millennials. “I’m at capacity...I’m spilling out of me,” Hendricks laments. In the video as her posse rob a bank she wonders how she got here, “I was raised an East Coast witch...Like doing nothing’s sacrilegious...triple overtime ambitious...Sentimental anxious kid.” This wasn't the plan. There was just so much pressure.

Yet she has finally had a moment of clarify. A moment that is lost to today's young, fast burning generation.

“Sometimes nothing is delicious.”

"It’s hard to put into words how excited we are to share our second album Young Enough, out May 10, with all of you. This album was a joy to make. We worked harder and were more focused than ever before, and our confidence and trust in one another and ourselves grew with every song we wrote. This album is a celebration of personal growth, meant to be danced and cried to in equal measure."

Although an Australia tour might be out of our grasp, Young Enough is out May 10 2019



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