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International Spotlight - Deep Sea Diver (US)

In Australia we have a vibrant indie scene with some world class artists but with all the talent around of course it can sometimes be quite insulated from anyone but the most famous international acts. That's why once every so often we speak to some of our international friends to see whats going on in indie scenes around the world and across the ponds so to speak.

The dictionary defines deep sea diving as "a depth beyond the norm accepted by the associated community." In this vein, Deep Sea Diver really do live up to their name.

Powerful lead Jessica Dobson and her four piece band release albums on a scarce schedule (History Speakers 2012) (Secrets 2016) + (Always Waiting EP 2014) — quality over quantity. Secret's pop rock was a force majeure of infectious ballads and tight arrangements.

The title track alongside 'Great Light' and 'Creatures of Comfort' really showcase the cohesiveness of Bassist Garrett Gue, guitarist Elliot Jackson, and drummer Peter Mansen. While the contrast between the hook powered 'See these eyes' and pensive 'Wide Awake' are a testament to Dobson’s dual vocal timbre.

Whilst History Speaks was a lyrically contemplative collection of heartache and toe-tapping Secrets was a bold dive into the unknown. There is always the feeling of driving force, pushing you further forward, giving you a hurricane of nervous excitement, and in the eye, a sweet deep calm.

Another powerful woman in the music industry Dobson spoke out on International Women’s day on the value of equality. "Today is the proper time to put the focus on women and acknowledge the imbalance of opportunity, freedom, and fairness. But, rather than focus on a message about what men have done poorly, we’re not going to talk about that at all," writes Dobson

"see these eyes / they don't know how to cry / know how / to burn you out / to tear you down." - she sings in 'See these eyes.'

"Today we’re releasing a cover of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me”- feat. Natalie Schepman (Joseph). If purchased through Bandcamp, all proceeds for this track will go to the Women’s S.H.E. Clinic (Safe, Healthy, Empowered Clinic) through the non-profit organization Aurora Commons. The S.H.E. clinic is a mobile service that provides quality, trauma-informed and non-judgmental health care for women." - March 9

Earlier in the year they teased their third album which should be finishing up in studio by now. We'll keep you posted with the details!



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