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International Spotlight - Honeyblood (UK)

In Australia we have a vibrant indie scene with some world class artists but with all the talent around of course it can sometimes be quite insulated from anyone but the most famous international acts. That's why once every so often we speak to some of our international friends to see whats going on in indie scenes around the world and across the ponds so to speak.

Scottish (Glaswegian) grunge-pop duo Honeyblood consists of Stina Tweeddale on guitar and vocals and Cat Myers on drums. The band's inception dates back to early 2012 with the then drummer Shona McVicar. The Honeyblood sound takes inspiration from 1990s indie rock icons like Sonic Youth but the band say they are influenced by contemporaries like Courtney Barnett. Yet Honeyblood are a true contrast to their influence, hyper-melodic, and bursting with energy. Their Thrift Shop EP was a essentially cassette recorded in a bathroom with the trapping that go with it and yet there was just something in the delivery that cut through.

Exploding onto the local scene, Honeyblood finally released a self titled debut. Shortly after they burst onto the scene with hit tracks like 'Killer Bangs', quickly nabbing a support slot for the Foo Fighters and Wolf Alice in 2015. Following this success the duo released Babes Never Die to much acclaim in 2016.

"We didn’t think we were extremely talented! Probably the opposite! It was more the fact that we were winging it and it seemed to be working. Being a duo makes this a lot easier logistically, we travel light and can always get together to practise. 4 people seems like so many to me!"

Building up a cult following Honeyblood twists and turns around the classic riot girl archetype. Their lyrical cast featuring the ceremonious crushing of douchey dudes, and the salem-born heroines that do battle with them. And yet over time their subject matter has become more layered, shedding the pure angst for a darker, yet still throat-clearing energy. What they have mastered is making a duo sound like a full octane band.

"I was very into riot grrrl as a scene growing up and it had a direct effect on me. I don’t think I would have thought I could have started a band without it"

Honeyblood will release a third album In Plain Sight on May 24th. The album itself features a theme of illusion and the announcement came with the release of song 'The Third Degree' which has Tweeddale facing a poisonous ex-lover in a Glasgow bar.

"We’re about girls fending for themselves, with superhuman strength"

In Plain Sight is out May 24th 2019. Listen to 'The Third Degree' below.



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