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INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHT (NOR) : Dagny's Casablanca Inspired Single ‘It’s Only A Heartbreak’

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It's a new day for Norwegian pop princess Dagny who has recently released her new synth-pop single ‘It’s Only A Heartbreak’ and our ears are bathing in its shimmering goodness.

Dominated by twitchy percussion, and buoyant loops, the track’s idiomatic lyricism sees Dagny reflecting on her own post-breakup emotions, “Most days I wake up I’m okay / I’m doing my own thing, I don’t have a moment to think about you”, reassuring herself she can overcome the blues.

Commenting on the new single release, Dagny explains "It's Only A Heartbreak is actually partly inspired by the classic movie "Casablanca" from 1942, and Humphrey Bogart's famous quote: "Here's looking at you, kid". Like the movie, the song is about knowing that you will never get someone back, but you can secretly still look at, and admire, that certain someone. The song carries a nonchalant expression, but the undertone makes it pretty obvious that you're not over that person yet."

Dagny has also announced she will be releasing her long-awaited debut album Strangers / Lovers on October 2. The album is split into two distinct halves - each half documenting the rise and fall of a relationship respectively. With Dagny’s flair for creative vision, the album will certainly cement her status as a rising star.

If this Scandinavian pop bop is anything to go by, we can’t wait for October 2nd to bless our ears. In the meantime, we will keep tapping our toes to this masterclass of blissful electro pop to get us through till then!




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