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Artist Spotlight: Edgez

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Edgez is gifted with bubbling potential. She's a creative with a serious pen game. Over the last year, she's been working alongside artists in Sydney, London and Marseille to craft her new extended play.

Photographed by Locky Mack

Meet Edgez.

Edgez is the moniker of Serina Lunatte, a Vietnamese singer and songwriter, born and raised in Sydney. Her sound flutters around dark future R&B, with influences from electro and hip-hop. At 21- years old, she's comfortable in her abilities. 'Company'. Is a single that rings off like the neighbours at your front door. She glides over the beat in a way that reminds me of watching a mesmerising dance at a strip club. The single was produced by BOY SODA, a 21-year old artist and producer from Central Coast, New South Wales. Its artwork was designed by Jacqueline Bui a Sydney bred graphic designer based out of London and Sydney.

After playing the record back a couple times, I tried to place Edgez’ influences. She listed Miraa May, IMDDB, NIKI, and 88Rising. Like those in the 88Rising collective, Edgez is pushing boundaries for Asian artists in the music industry.

‘Company’ has some playback value for sure, but I was curious to hear the difference between this record and her earlier work to gauge her development and possibly hear the sonics of the coming extended play.

Her debut single, ‘Picture Perfect Wife’, is a lo-fi RnB track produced and mixed by shue and mastered by shy-c.

According to Edgez, "The song is about a girl who will do her best to please a boy because she wants him in her life, however she shuts down society’s expectations for herself of what it is to be picture perfect. Never guaranteeing that she would meet the standards of a picture perfect wife so she could not hurt or be hurt.”

Her upcoming single, ‘South of France’, is also produced and mixed by shue and mastered by shy-c. It’s about moving away from reality and having a summer fling - an unexpected romance half way across the world. She's enjoying herself and chooses to live in the moment. The single’s artwork is designed by French tattoo artist Rocky Grononos who is originally from Marseille, France and now based in Paris.

Towards the end of my meet up with Edgez, we discussed her upcoming creative projects outside of music. I gave her my word that I would keep them low-key but she impressed me with her ambition and also her allocation & orchestration of her resources. Keep an eye out for her in the next couple months. She's got real potential.

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