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Interview - Ziggy Alberts

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

There’s not many things that are better than receiving a handwritten postcard, except of course receiving an audio version from Ziggy Alberts! Ziggy treated his fans with a surprise EP A Postcard From An Australian Summer, a beautiful collection of live tracks from his latest world tour.

As if Ziggy’s music wasn’t already sentimental enough, these live recordings bring a whole new sense of endearment to the songs. You’re gently picked up and placed straight in the venue with the audience, which can be clearly heard singing their hearts out to every lyric. We had the pleasure of asking Ziggy a few questions about the EP and here’s how it went:

The EP is a collection of live tracks and I think many will agree that live music really allows for a deeper connection. Was this your thinking for A Postcard From An Australian Summer?

My live shows are, and always have been, the reason I have such a strong connection with the people who listen to my songs. I think these recordings are a beautiful insight into the experiences we have together at shows.

Was there any particular decision process when you were choosing which songs were going to be included?

We didn’t pick these by song, we picked them by what felt right. Myself and Garrett Kato (who mixed this EP) were very critical on choosing, because I only wanted to release live songs that would make people feel like they were right there at the show. These songs just happened to feel right!

In the ‘Interlude’ of this EP you talk about mental health and what we can do to really be there for people when they need it most. How important was it for you to include this?

Incredibly important. These talks before playing the songs in my live set are a really important part of what I do. It’s great to be able to share my thoughts about addressing mental health on this EP.

I have a theory that I think we’re at a time where we don’t need to be so much reposting videos about mental health on Facebook, we need to be giving people a call who we have in mind” - Ziggy Alberts ‘Interlude’

What is one thing you believe this world needs more of?


What was the biggest challenge of your world tour, and did it teach you anything you didn’t know before?

Balance is always the biggest challenge. But that’s everyone, and it’s both on and off tour. These last tours I’ve had a tour bus - so I’ve slept like a baby. And, I didn’t know a bus would make it possible to play so many more shows!

What would be the main thing you want people to take away from this EP?

For my fans that came to my last Australian tour in 2018/19, I hope this brings back beautiful memories. To those who haven’t come to a show before, you are more than welcome to join us - we have a lot of fun!

Catch Ziggy on his Laps Around The Sun World Tour starting this year and going in to April 2020! Ziggy Alberts' New single 'Intentions' Out on Friday 23rd August

Ziggy Alberts ‘Laps Around The Sun’ World Tour Australian Leg

Tickets here

Friday, 29th November

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Sunday, 1st December

Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle

Thursday, 5th December

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Friday, 6th December

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Saturday, 7th December

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Friday, 13th December

Brisbane Riverstage, Brisbane



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