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'It's All Connected': Our Love For Andy Bull And His New Single

Image Credit: Andy Bull | Supplied

Andy Bull has made the comeback of the century with new single ‘It’s All Connected’. Dropped on 3 November, Andy is up to all his old tricks in this new number, including some very slick synth and tangy vocals to accompany his lyrical exploration into the “hope and yearning of reckoning with yourself as you try to change your life”. With past bangers like ‘Keep on Running’ and ‘Talk Too Much’ paving the way, there’s no doubt this new track will be swiftly added to our summer playlist circuit.

The saying ‘good things take time’ couldn’t be more apt when it comes to Andy Bull’s music. Like a fine wine, he has only become better as the years have gone on. His last major output was internationally successful album Sea of Approval in 2015, garnering him three ARIA awards as well as three appearances in Triple J’s Hottest 100.

Undoubtedly his small hiatus over the last few years would result in something great, and ‘It’s All Connected’ is just that. The familiar, resonant tones of Andy’s voice ring out over a bit more funk and groove than we are used to hearing from him. Where Sea of Approval was more indie-pop with James-Blake-esque moments, ‘It’s All Connected’ is groove-driven, with soulful synth stabs and a hazy, relaxed aura that goes hand in hand with balmy summer dance parties.

The song kicks off with a contagiously bright hook that glides over the rhythmic pangs that line the tin of this tune. Andy’s beyond-unique voice hits on the first verse and you are instantly reminded of his gloriously smooth delivery with all its ping-y lustre. The pre-chorus is an 80s-nostalgia build into a bopping chorus that sees the core hook return. Good luck not jibing along to this track; bet you $20 your hips are movin’ by the end of the first verse.

‘It’s All Connected’ is the perfect re-introduction to a talent as timeless as Andy Bull. It has all the good bits you could ask for with the added addition of lyrical ingenuity that has become a staple in Andy’s work. He knows how to play the long game, and he most definitely delivered. Stream ‘It’s All Connected’ below.

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