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Its 'Easier' To Listen To Dusty's New Single

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Brisbane Songstress Dusty f.k.a Annie Joelle has reinvented herself. She is now breaking back into the scene with raw authentic energy. Her new single ‘Easier’ creates an atmosphere of being suspended out in the universe with your heart on your sleeve. This is the polar opposite of a pop song and rather almost musical pillow talk. The song is subtle, its real and even a step towards a new wave of bedroom music.

Musically the single's stripped back production features clean electric guitar accompanied with Dusty’s quivering vocals reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s intimate approach in hallelujah. The Single explores anxiety driven self-sabotage and the toxic situations that lead you there. Dusty paints a picture of exactly where and how the song was birthed in this stripped back home recording.

"I wrote Easier after not writing songs for 6 months. I had been living with a really toxic friend through the lockdown and I started to become really anxious. This anxiety bled into my other relationships and I felt as though I couldn't tell people how I was feeling. It's about not wanting to speak my mind out of fear of losing a friend, and keeping any negative emotions to myself." - Dusty.

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