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JACKMANN's Latest Release Scores A High '3-6-27'/10

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Melbourne local JACKMANN scores big with his latest single release '3-6-27'- a tasty teaser for his forthcoming EP' Lowkey'.

‘3-6-27’ is so simplistic in its composition, yet so hooking and haunting, creating a dark vignette-tinged pop ballad.

The upbeat yet soft percussion alludes to a melancholic release as the piano melody swells and pulls like the tide, before finally reaching multiple immense yet low-key crescendos.

His strong baritone vocals gently guide the aching and longing lyrics with a sweet recollective tone, pulling on the heartstrings of all listeners as they pause for a moment in thought- just enjoying the mix of feelings that comes from such a raw and lamenting track.

The song conjures images of swaying olive-green leaves in a light dappled forest, running barefoot towards a moment just in sight but out of tangible reach- like a perfect red apple on the farthest branch of a towering tree.

“In the American calendar, March 6, 1927, marked the day Bertrand Russell delivered his famous address 'Why I Am Not A Christian' at the Battersea Town Hall. It was a pivotal moment in Western thought on expressing one's belief (or lack thereof), and whether God indeed existed. Christianity was never the same since.

This song is written from the perspective of God to his Church (Russell in particular) how a deity might feel about being left behind by those who once considered Him everything. I think it translates well to every narcissist who believes themselves the centre of someone else's Universe,” Kris says.

With such a deep and meaningful inspiration behind the tune, it's no wonder it sounds thought-provoking even in the simplest parts- the vocals, percussion and piano all merge together to create a sense of wonder- tinged curiosity.

With inspirations including Leonard Cohen, George Harrison and Stevie Nicks, it is guaranteed that his forthcoming EP will continue down the meandering, melancholy path that '3-6-27' introduces us to.

‘3-6-27’ is just one release from JACKMANN's upcoming EP aptly titled ‘Lowkey’, which will be released Friday September 11th.

'Low Key' available digitally and on vinyl via MGM September 11, 2020, Pre Order Now.

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