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Jesswar's 'Venom' Remix Sinks Deep With Pink Matter

Jesswar x Pink Matter | Kevin Bar & Bronson Moyle

Meanjin based Fijian rapper Jesswar has unleashed a remix of her latest single ‘Venom’ with neo-soul mainstays Pink Matter adding a glistening sheen over the original track's blistering energy.

“Collaborating with Pink Matter was a breeze! We wanted to take the song to a completely different place and make it silky and smooth” says Jesswar.

"We were so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on the remix with Jess - the song is so badass and we had a lot of fun getting creative on the arrangement, taking it in a totally different direction. So many creative wxmen worked together to bring this to life and it was super inspiring to have been a part of it," added Pink Matter.

Jesswar is as swaggerous as ever spitting unfaltering velvet rhymes that sit and shift faultlessly above Kerry Raywood's own satin harmony. Paired with Pink Matter's signature buttery neo-soul chords and an urbane yet frenetic pipe solo the track is elevated to jazzy new heights.

Jesswar's rap dominance and unbound 'Pasifika excellence' shows no sign of slowing down, she's headed to perform at the Brisbane Showgrounds Thursday 24th December alongside Illy and Hayden James.

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