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Jman & The Pigs: Supplying Pure Organ Drum Goodness

Image Credit: Jman & the pigs via artist's socials

If ever I had an organ and drums-based music hole to fill, Jman & the pigs would be my first port of call. Made up of multi-instrumentalists Jonny Link and Jack Russel, This Byron band is marrying yearning and catharsis as smoothly as they merge drums, organ and true Aussie accents in their single ‘Don’t Forget Your Shoes’.

The song depicts a once romantic relationship buckling and yielding under the pressures of long-distance love. It is full of pulsing organ that almost takes on the effect of reverberating electric guitar, painting images of sound bouncing around an empty cathedral. In much the same way, the organ sends waves of religious affiliation when it meets the lyrics, giving them meaning beyond just frivolous lost love and making the story seem almost prayer-like.

‘Don’t Forget Your Shoes’ is built on a vast and sweeping sound scape that resonates within your chest cavity. A careful curation of electronic hums and whirs balance bassy drums and roaring, masculine vocals. There is a certain authenticity felt through Jonny’s unwavering Australian accent as he sings about a narrative drawn from his own experiences.

On top of this track, Jman & the Pigs have recently put out single ‘Hindsight’ in the lead up to a homonymous album due to drop in 2020. All the tunes share different messages but have an undercurrent of nostalgia running throughout. The band hope for it to be reminiscent of 2014 album DECIDE, but with smoother finishes.

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