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Joan & The Giants Gift Us Two Singles ‘Young In Love’ And ‘Mother’

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum. There’s nothing holding them back. Perth based alt-pop band, Joan & The Giants, delivers a double order of dreamy, nostalgic pop with the release of their two singles, ‘Young In Love’ and ‘Mother’. Similar in their sounds and vocal delivery, but different enough to not be repetitive, ‘Young In Love’ and ‘Mother’ are anthemic reminders of why Joan & The Giants are towering forces in the Australian alt-pop scene.

‘Young In Love’ consists of smooth drum beats and piano keys laying atop each other to bring them and the vocals of the band’s frontwoman, Grace Newton-Wordsworth, to the forefront. Newton-Wordsworth’s voice is crisp and echoing on the track. With shades of Halsey colouring her tone, Newton-Wordsworth delivers a passionate performance from start to finish. ‘I want to be young in love / just because tomorrow is a long way from here’ Newton-Wordsworth sings, her voice meandering through the instruments and sounds like a wisp of smoke.

‘Mother’ is like slipping into bed at the end of a long day. This track is beautiful. Reminiscent of Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’, ‘Mother’ shows us a more quiet and contemplative side of the band. Covering the period after a breakup, ‘Mother’ sets itself apart from ‘Young In Love’ by slowing things down and taking a more acoustic approach. Here, the instruments (played by Aaron Birch, Riley Sutton and Liam Olsen) and their sounds expertly weave together to push the track’s vocals to the front. ‘You look so happy in the pictures I’m not in’ Newton-Wordsworth quietly laments while guitars hover around her.

Lyrically, both tracks could have been pulled from the pages of a diary. Knowing that both tracks were written by Birch and Newton-Wordsworth (who are in a relationship), it’s understandable that they are as intimate as a candlelit dinner. Like all great songs that deal with love and relationships, both tracks hit straight for the heart, hook us in and don’t let go until they’re finished.

With a fresh sound and vocals that dare you to fall in love, ‘Young In Love’ and ‘Mother’ are incredible additions to the band’s growing discography.

Joan & The Giants ''Young In Love // Mother' Single Launch 2021

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Saturday, 3rd April

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