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Josh Oreo Is 'The Rover' In His Latest Single

Singer-songwriter Josh Oreo is Adelaide’s newest up and coming artist having released his first self-titled EP only last year. A self-professed "rejuvenator of 90’s era Brit-rock," Oreo is back with his new single release ‘Rover’. The song has a unique expression almost fantasy like - Oreo takes us into the world of his alter ego, the vagabond ‘The Rover’.

‘The Rover’ is a person who feels quite misunderstood - an outcast to society - but at the exact same time has the rebellious spirit of an anarchist, living carefree and wild.

“I’m immune to slavery that’s the way you love it to be” Oreo sings

Tying into the theme of the song are musical elements of both brit rock, whilst intricately laced with Celtic soundscapes featuring fiddle, mandolin and flute. We gladly step aboard Oreo's galley of self-acceptance, bravery and freedom and embark upon a sure to be successful journey.

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