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Kate Miller-Heidke Is Unpacking Your Darkest Habits In New Single 'Little Roots Little Shoots'

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Image Credit: Supplied

Kate Miller-Heidke is the master of suspense, releasing yet another single in anticipation of her October 30th album drop. ‘Little Roots Little Shoots’ is a meticulously constructed tune both musically and in message, tying in closely to the themes of love and fear, memory and empathy and rage and redemption addressed in upcoming album Child In Reverse. While this new single has the catchy appeal of a contagious pop ballad, the melodic weightiness and multi-layered textures give it a beautiful intrigue we’ve come to associate with Miller-Heidke’s work.

The song draws takes a Brother’s Grim approach on fairy tale forests and predictably charming narratives in the way of twisted fantasies and acknowledgment of sometimes ugly realities. When speaking on the tune, Kate explains that“This song is about habits that often start unconsciously, and gradually begin to take over who you are. I wanted to write a dark mirror of From Little Things, Big Things Grow. The ever-present forces of gradualism are lying in wait, stalking, and they eventually get us all.”

The song itself is a twisting crumb path through the deepest corners of our minds, dressing up our darkest habits and fears as “slasher(s)”, “witch(s)” and “werewolf(s)’. “I’m in the dark forest/And I’m waiting for you” is a refrain that repeats throughout the song, leaving you with the feeling that regardless of where you turn, these characters will always be waiting in the shadows, growing as ‘Little Roots (&) Little Shoots’.

There is a sharp percussive snap and dulled kick drum that drive the momentum of this single. This is paired with rich, repetitive piano chord stabs that ebb in and out and contribute to the overall sensation that this song is constantly luring you toward something scary (like your newfound lockdown habit of 7 coffees-a-day and pj's as appropriate work-wear) . It wouldn’t be a Miller-Heidke song without stunningly curated vocals. These present as piercing harmonised vocal sirens, transcending the backline with frivolous scream like tone.

‘Little Roots Little Shoots’ has only exacerbated the excitement we are all already feeling for the 30th of October album release date. In what has felt like the lengthiest drum roll in Australian pop music this year, this gorgeous new single will more than suffice in sustaining your Kate Miller-Heidke fix for the next few weeks.

Pre-Order Album Child in Reverse here.

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