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Kate Miller-Heidke Takes A Deep Breath In New Single ‘A Quiet Voice’

Image Credit: EMI Music Australia

Kate Miller-Heidke has a talent that knows no bounds. Her stunning run of performances on this year’s season of Network Ten’s ‘The Masked Singer’ are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Kate is capable of. Her recent compositional triumphs across stage (Muriel’s Wedding) and screen (The Divorce) have been peppered among her four, soon to be five, studio albums.

Child in Reverse is Miller-Heidke’s fifth studio album, set to be released October 30th. Singles ‘This is Not Forever’ and ‘Deluded’ have already emerged to widespread acclaim, touching on the intricacies of different mental battles and highlighting a multitude of weighty themes including anxiety and perseverance.

Her latest drop ‘A Quiet Voice’ follows suit, with Miller-Heidke revealing its“… about feeling overstimulated and anxious. I have learned I need to actively work to avoid falling into feeling those things as a kind of default position. I do feel nostalgia for the less-connected world. It’s hard and rare to feel at peace”

‘A Quiet Voice’ features Miller-Heidke’s soothing vocals nestled in between bouncy acoustic instrumentation and a tenuous electronic accompaniment. It’s as if she has captured the inner dialogue that we all feel in times on anxiousness, giving us a mantra for when things are feeling loud and overwhelming and we are seeking "a quiet voice". It’s as if Kate is holding our hands, looking into our eyes and saying, ‘breathe in, breathe out’.

This single encapsulates the wave of emotions we experience in times of all-encompassing stress and anxiety. Whether it be work, life, social media or the result of a global-pandemic- whose-name-we-shall-not-mention, this vivid, pop-infused tune makes you feel heard. The countdown to the official launch of album Child in Reverse begins while we hang in there for more Kate Miller-Heidke musical goodness.

Pre-Order Album Child in Reverse here.

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