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Las Mar Takes Us Through a Journey on 'Don’t Read Everything You Believe'

“Las Mar’s music is complex and inventive but beautifully realised” – Gotye

“Nick Martyn is a wizard!” – Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote

If you are looking for an album to take you on a mystifying journey through hypnotic soundscape, we’ve found it. Las Mar’s upcoming release Don’t Read Everything You Believe is an experimental odyssey.

Based in Melbourne, Nicholas Martyn, who works under the persona of Las Mar, is a producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Producing and recording every aspect of the album himself, Las Mar has poured himself into this project. Inspired by surrealist paintings, distant travels and electronic dance music – Las Mar wants to take you on a wavy journey.

Las Mar is an acclaimed drummer, working with Gotye, D.D Dumbo, Matt Corby and more, he has made a name for himself as a drumming extraordinaire. Each song on Don’t Read Everything You Believe showcases said talents, as well as Las Mar’s ability to weave unique sounds.

The first single from the album ‘I No Say’ is a hypnotic beast! With dynamic vocals and taut percussions, it is evident that Las Mar is showing off his drumming roots. Las Mar describes the song himself as a psychedelic journey through tight, complex rhythms to wide open sonic landscapes. With a clash of sound worlds - chanting, tin whistles, washy guitars, homemade string instruments – this song is a funk oddity of epic proportions.”

‘I No Say’ is a sliver of what we can expect from the entire album. Fusing a multitude of instruments to create a psychedelic journey throughout the course of the album, each song is its own adventure in sound. A kaleidoscope of instruments and tones, Las Mar recorded each element himself, which is a mammoth feat that should be praised.

Ovbiously inspired through dreamscapes and journeys through time, Don’t Read Everything You Believe is a spiritual journey from start to finish.

Don’t Read Everything You Believe is set for release on October 9th. Stream ‘I No Say’ now!




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