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Last Dinosaurs Send New Single Into Orbit

Photos by Keaidkumchai Tongpai

Last Dinosaurs have dropped their innovative new single 'N.P.D.' and we've been grooving to it all weekend. Originally from Brisbane back in 2007, the band have since tackled the world and most recently returned from a co-headline tour of the US. Now the band have upscaled to an intergalactic level, with 'N.P.D.' continuing the same dystopian futureverse as their 2023 EP RYU, offering a taste of their upcoming companion EP KYO, dropping later this year. The two EPs tell the story of Earth in 3023, beautifully depicted in a manga adaption available HERE.

Over the course of their prolific career, brothers Sean & Lachlan Caskey have swapped songwriting duties, and RYU x KYO are no exception, with Sean penning November's RYU and Lachlan taking the reins on KYO. The song is immediately engaging, with the twang of guitar and marching drums launching us into orbit. You're only 2 seconds in and already you know it's a banger.

The bass and voice tumble in and we're in for a party. Although the song sounds boppy & bright, it is actually a genius metaphor for the narcissist, inviting at first glance but with the lyrical content revealing their true nature. Lachlan explains:

"N.P.D is about the narcissist, to the pathological level. It’s a parody on the usurer, the sleaze and the conniving human being. The idea is that they are so unconsciously narcissistic and self-serving that they give themselves away all too easily."

This song really surprised me, especially in the bridge. It builds with guitar fuzz goosebumps before descending into a sporadic soundscape. Then outta nowhere we get whisked into a nightmare-fuel dreamstate outro. I certainly didn't expect the song to go in this direction, and it really works. I can't wait to see what their upcoming EP holds instore.

'N.P.D.' is out now on all your favourite sound delivery services, with more singles to come from the thrilling conclusion of their 3023 odyssey. This band is willing to delve in new directions and is the first piece of music that genuinely surprised me in a long time. Be sure to check them out and follow them, so you can keep up to date with what they do next. Strap on your helmet and buckle your snorkel, this one's getting astrological.

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N.P.D. Single Artwork



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