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Let's All Thank 'Jorge' For Cat & Calmell's New Single

We’re suckers for a great pop duo and there’s nobody in the Australian music scene who’s doing it like Sydney-based duo Cat & Calmell. With a sassy sound, strong songwriting skills and voices that’ll remind you of warm breezes in spring, Cat & Calmell are adding another impressive addition to their discography with their new single ‘Jorge’.

Produced by Alex Wildwood (Broods) and written with Lucy Pawws (who has previously written for artists such as Dua Lipa and Ellie Goulding), ‘Jorge’ is light-hearted and boppy. The song uses cymbals and a bass guitar to create a slightly retro groove that runs throughout the track. Each chorus is decorated with the glasslike sounds of a tambourine, effectively the cherry on top of a delightfully sweet aural cake.

At the same time, Cat & Calmell’s vocals are fresh and clear. Tonally, you’ll hear bits of Doja Cat and Peach PRC. The duo glides over the track, drawing the listener further and further into the narrative being painted. The keyword here is narrative.

“‘Jorge’ is based on a true story that happened on the way to our writing session! Calmell was driving on empty and we decided we’d be able to make it to the train station but of course, we didn’t and broke down. A super nice man named Jorge was spraying insecticide on the side of the road and came and helped us out. We went to that session (although an hour late) and wrote this adorable song that’s immortalised this interaction we had with a kind stranger!” explained Cat & Calmell when asked about ‘Jorge’.

The duo have also released a music video for the song. The duo plays multiple characters in the video as they reimagine their fateful encounter with Jorge. Directed by Louis Brandt, the music video takes 60s Australian glam and reinterprets it through a present day lens. There’s floral prints, fur coats, bandannas, horn-rimmed glasses with a red and white waitress outfit and more. Cat & Calmell embody each look and bring their respective characters to life with flair and humour. They’re impressive visuals to match the equally impressive duo.

‘Jorge’ is a head-swaying, pop bop that deserves much attention. Through the track and its video, Cat & Calmell demonstrate a knack for fun, light-hearted pop that is sure to catapult them to the top of the Australian music scene.

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